Snake Pliskin

"I'm no hero. Never was. I'm just an old killer... hired to do some wet work."




A Soldier is Born.

Born to the harsh and unforgiving world of Catachan, Snake was forced to learn how to survive and to fight back against the besieging flora and fauna of his home after the death of his family at a young age. Snake, having reached the age of 17 without being killed, decided he’d put the skills he’s been learning since his youth to a better use other than simply hunting for dinner, or killing a Catachan Devil with its own stinger. It was time to lend his skills to the service of the God-Emperor.

Joining the 2nd Army Group of the Catachan Jungle Fighters, otherwise known as the “Black Devils”. He went on to serve with distinction alongside his comrades in many battles including; the Dulma’lin Cleansing, a few battles during the Tyrranic Wars and numerous other engagements, culminating with his final battle with the 2nd. The Slaughter on Dawnbreak.


Bloody Battlefield Dirt

The campaign began shortly after Iron Father Kristos announced that Clan Raukaan was ready for combat for the first time since the Skarvus Ambush. After receiving a distress call informing the Adeptus Mechanicus of an Eldar attack on the Garden World of Dawnbreak, elements from Clan Raukaan, Clan Avernii, Clan Dorrvok, and Clan Garrsak were deployed. By the time the Iron Hands arrived, the 2nd Army Group of Catachan Jungle Fighters were already in heavy combat with the Eldar of Craftworld Alaitoc. The invasion itself had begun after Human excavation teams had detected strange machinery beneath the planet’s crust.

With the arrival of the Iron Hands the slowly depleting morale of the 2nd was renewed and the pushed on, fighting furiously attempting to not lose ground. The Eldar chose then to deploy their Seers and Wraithknights. However thanks to close air support provided by Stormraven’s, the Iron Hands were able to keep the initiative and Kristos and Iron Captain Graevaar led a final push on the crater. Graevaar managed to slay the commanding Eldar Farseer, sending the xenos forces into confusion. Though the Eldar made several more attempts to retake the crater from the Space Marines, it was futile. Meanwhile, the remaining Eldar on the planet annihilated Catachan and civilian positions – the indifferent Iron Hands providing no assistance. Soon enough the Iron Hands unearthed what the original human excavation team had been searching for, taking it as their own. As the Iron Hands departed, they sent a single message to the commanding Imperial Guard commander on Dawnbreak, General Dortmund.

‘If you are strong you will survive. If you are weak you will not. Fight hard, General, and prove your worth.’

Our Heaven, and our Hell.

Snake awoke sometime later in a dimly lit room appearing to be some form of hospital room. A man standing nearby explained that the battle had narrowly been won but not without significant casualties on the 17th’s part. Snake himself had been found unconscious in the grip of a dead Wraithknight. Upon asking where he was now, the man informed him he was “home”, he was in Umbra.


A Legend is reborn.

REQUESTING DATA ACCESS, security_clearance: INQUISITOR. Processing…
Inquisitor identity confirmed, scanning… Ordos: Ordo Hereticas, rank: Inquisitor, access: GRANTED
Welcome Inquisitor Marcus Thane; here is the latest Intel on the Umbra Temple. As always this information is EYES ONLY. For the Emperor!
Incoming Data Stream…

Officio Assassinorum
“Umbra Temple”

“acta imperator numquam mortalia fallunt; mortal actions never deceive the emperor.”
— Dictatus Umbra, the maxim of the Umbra Temple


The Umbra Temple, located on Terra, was founded to be used in black ops (infiltration etc.) missions handed down from the High Lords of Terra. Where legions of guardsmen and Adeptus Astartes would fail, a lone operator from the Umbra Temple would succeed beyond expectations. The assassins of the Umbra Temple would be selected based upon criteria needed for the missions they’d be tasked with, and then brought to the temple to begin further training and induction into the order. There, the candidate begins their indoctrination into the traditions and techniques of the Umbra assassins. Their formal training has truly begun. Again and again they are taken to the brink of death in brutally lethal scenarios designed to instruct the candidate in the Temple’s signature methods of execution. If the candidate survives this merciless training regimen, their skills are honed to a razor-sharp edge. Over a long period of time, they become a living weapon, an instrument of the Emperor’s Judgement.

At the conclusion of their training, the candidate is chemically placed into a brief catatonic state and purified in holy oils. Their body is ritually blessed and augmented with special bionic and genetic upgrades to heighten their speed, accuracy, and reaction time. They receive hypno-conditioning to harden their mind against all moral threats, and any remnant of their former life is cast away. When they awaken, they are an agent of the Officio Assassinorum. Their former life has ended, and they don the black synskin of an Imperial Assassin—a symbol of mourning for the lives they snuff out in the Emperor’s name.
Unfortunately the order was all but destroyed recently by a currently unknown force, with only a handful of members left, they scattered. As of current, the location of the remaining agents is unknown.

Notable Assassinations:
-Azariah Kyras
-Apophis the Unbending
-“The Beast”
-Commander Shas’O Shaserra

In His name and Glory,
Inquisitor Brutus,
Ordo Sicarius

Snake Pliskin

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