Voice in the Dark

  1. Characters return to Agamemnon’s estate.
  2. More guards at Agamemnon’s estate holding different different sigils.

1. Characters woke up
2. Characters went to bath house
a. Snake tells Mai-Tar and Drustos that the abbot from Barsipine is on Polas.
3. Mai-Tar wanted to box
4. Go to boxing
a. Find shitty boxing ring
5. Mai-Tar loses his fight Dosolex takes next fight
6. Dosolex was shot by Snake
a. Snake used needle rifle, using black poison
b. Dosolex was corrupted by the warp, and died
c . Warp entity is pissed, roll initiative
i. Warp entity starts kicking stupid amounts of ass
1. Warp entity is a mix between a bloodletter and a nergle
7. Snake called Nostramus
8. Nostramus arrives, bringing two other men
9. Demon runs away
10. Nostramus greets party
a. Tells party that daemons are regular on Polas, especially in the Whispering Mountains
11. Nostramus leaves to telling the acolytes to investigate Dosolex’s death, and promising to be in contact.
12. Snake leaves, Cirlinn shadows
13. Snake talks to Sir Sedonas (sketchy-ass “doctor”)

Other notes
• Nostramus is as tall as, and as strong as a Space Marine. He claims that he woke up on Polas not knowing anything from his life before.
• Agamemnon is a noble from Polas. Generally friendly, and approachable. Member of the cult on Polas, the Brotherhood.
• Barsipine is a planet that the acolytes had investigated. Its capitol city got fucked by a titan that the acolytes activated. The acolytes plan on later taking some level of revenge against Barsipine for varied reasons.
• The Abbot is a strange old man that is a part of the ecclesiarchy. Associated with the Brotherhood on Polas.
• The Brotherhood is a cult on Polas that claims to be a group of devout followers of the Emperor (blessed be he). None of the acolytes have found anything very noteworthy about the Brotherhood.
• Whispering Mountains are an area of interest, little information is given on them, except there are lots of daemons spawning into the world, and it is a twelve day walk
• Me-Me is an informant

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