Mai-Tar the Legend

Ernest, honor-driven, viking-esque


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Mai-Tar was a feral-born man who too the uniform of a guardsman. He traveled from system to system for some time. He was constantly being told by higher-ups that he wasn’t playing well enough with the other guards, and was endlessly sent to new stations. After he was tossed around for so long, Mai-Tar met [If I told you this it would be metta. I’m keeping this a secret for the sake of story integrity]. The rage he had felt from this was uncontrollable. Mai-Tar’s bloodlust would not go unquenched. Mai-Tar fired every bullet from every gun he could find into ever living ork he could see. Mai-Tar inevitably ran out of ammo. He dropped his gun and grabbed his axe from his hip, and charged to the nearest ork he could find. The fight between the two knocked the axes from both of their hands. Mai-Tar half expected to resort to hand-to-hand in the first place. The ork, however, did not. Mai-Tar used this surprise to his advantage. He pinned the ork on its back and punched it until its face was mush, and Mai-Tar’s knuckles were bruised, broken, and bleeding. Shortly after the ork raid was expunged, Mai-Tar was sent to a new world. He started falling into place, taking orders, and getting along with his fellow guardsmen. He followed along this way until the day he met Inquisitor Marcus Thain.

Mai-Tar the Legend

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