"Why win over the heart, when the mind can do so much more?"


The Early Years:

Drustos began his life on Phoenix Island, near the Valkyrie Bay Refinery where his father, Lutz, worked until his death in the refinery. After his father’s death, and likely feeling his own life pointless or without meaning, Drustos left home and family to seek out his own fortunes in Victorinius. It is here that he became associated with the criminal group known as “The Ashes” and a certain Gabriel Gambioni therein. In the beginning, the gang was a brotherhood of thieves and ne’er do wells looking out for one another and themselves above all, but as time went on, the gang grew in size and power. As Gambioni came to lead them, he gained power himself, and as any man with power, he came to want more. Drustos grew disenfranchised with what the organization had become, and began looking again for greener pastures.

Early Imperium

Fortune was apparently in Drustos’ favor, as the Blackships of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica had come for their centenial tithe of psychers. Drustos voyaged with the Blackships for a time, seeing much of the imperium.

Special Eyes

One day, the captain of the Blackship Drustos was travelling on asked him to perform a simple task close to the plasma window. Unbeknownst to the captain, a warp storm was forming, and Drustos bore full witness to the terror of the Warp’s abhorrent fury. His eyes were shredded in their sockets, and Drustos was left blind until their return to Terra where he was given mechanical replacements. His eyes are now special. That is all.


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